Each year the association publishes a book of about one hundred pages in French language.


Alsatian houses: Rural life and habitat Book No. IV

A block house 1685 in Reichstettbloc1685

Each brick is 60 cm long and 23 cm wide with a minimum thickness of 8 cm.
There were about 190 bricks on the ceiling. The ceiling measured 6.2 mx 4.0 m, i.e. an area of ​​24.8 m². The bricks were laid in the groove of the steel beam and were perfectly joined at the top of the arch.
The seal separating each arch top had a thickness up to 1 cm depending on the widths of the more or less regular bricks (figure 34).



  1. Foreword I
  2. Acknowledgements II
  3. The house Kiehl in Eckbolsheim: an exceptional case of a post-and-beam house preserved in the Strasbourg area – Boris Dottori    1
  4. Sandman – Roland Weissenstein     34
  5. Remarkable interior beams of houses at La Wantzenau – Richard Stroh     37
  6. A block house from 1685 in Reichstett – Jean-Claude Kuhn     48
  7. Some old recipes: S’Maiekruet – Livia Kuhn-Poteur     82
  8. Alsatian houses lost or saved this year – Jean-Claude Kuhn     87
  9. Life of the association 97